The Pantene Pro- V Micellar Review

After being selected to test and review the new Pantene Pro-V Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner It is safe to say I was excited! Lucky for me I was just about to run out of my current shampoo when the lovely big package arrived!

I selected my step mum as my ask a friend to also trial the Pantene Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner.


I have been using The shampoo and Conditioner for a couple of weeks now And I absolutely love it! My hair feels totally hydrated and so glossy.  I have primarily used the normal Conditioner which is very similar to my usual conditioner rather than the foam. Every time it has left my hair feeling silky smooth and in better condition than the time before. I don’t think you can ask for anymore from a hair product. Maybe to completely repair my bleach damage ends and grow an extra 3inches but it’s Shampoo and Conditioner not a miracle worker.

The foam didn’t work as well for me and I think that is primarily down to the fact that I have a lot of thick hair. As much as I should love it, its draining and I have to emotionally prepare myself if I have to dry it. The foam didn’t really do a lot for the smoothness. And after a day it felt limp and greasy but this is primarily down to my hair not the product. I have heard several rave reviews on the foam working really well for fine hair.

After finishing off my two bottles I saw whilst doing our online grocery shop the micellar shampoo and conditioner available for purchase at £3.00 a bottle in Tesco I was pleasantly surprised and ordered a couple bottles. I don’t usually skimp out when it comes to hair and beauty products as I’ve learnt the hard way a couple of times with buying cheap skincare! At £3.00 I would happily buy it again and again and It lasts well for me!

What Nicky thought- “My initial thought after using the shampoo and conditioner was how light it was. It didn’t feel heavy on my hair or leave any residue. I wondered if this was a one off but subsequent uses proved this happened each time meaning my hair felt fresh, light and clean. The cleanse and nourish foam was also great to use and didn’t leave any residue once again leaving my hair light and fresh.”

Overall this trial has been great and has totally shocked me again on the Micellar products. I was excited to try this and it had left me feeling so happy with the outcome and it’s definitely a product I will continue to use!



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