50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4

Our National trust adventure has suddenly expanded. Rather than just going to visit and explore these amazing places we’ve taken on the 50 things challenge. Admittedly Lincoln is a long way off 11 and 3/4’s but this is something that we can do together and hopefully get done by the time he starts school. Now even that is still a way off but with life things can get a little busy so we wanted to give ourselves enough time to really enjoy what were doing. A lot of the things are stuff he will need help with at his age but it will be fun to let him learn and play and create amazing memories as we go.


So a quick over sight in to the 50 things to do. I found this link on the National Trust website and its really great! There is a large activity list which is all included in the little booklet you can collect in most National Trust receptions and when you do the activity you can tick it off and add your sticker. Stickers are usually available again at the reception desk.

You can do this alone or you can attend one of the 50 things events that are held all across the National Trust places. I’ve also downloaded the FREE  50 things app on my phone you can use this as your guide and booklet swell as to help you find things that are available. Heres the link to the iPhone download.

This is a great way to get the kids outdoors and exploring. If you’ve already got a National trust pass then this is a really cheap/ practically free day out. Lincoln loves being outdoors and this has encouraged me to get him out in it and exploring. Nobody wants their kids growing up in front of a TV (although quiet time with a disney film can be bliss)

Join us In our 50 Things Adventure!

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7 thoughts on “50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4

  1. #thesatsesh gutted, I adore the 50 list too…but just handed our family membership in due to protest over the fox hunting votes…may be I could still do the list with my little due though? Dam having morals lol…lovely post hun x

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