National Baking Week 2017

Its here! My week is here! It’s National Baking Week! Sponsored by Pyrex Uk one of the leading baking small appliance brands

In honor of National Baking Week i have set my challenge and I have picked 5 recipes from the website and will be making them throughout the week!

My 5 choice recipes from the website are

Chocolate chip Shortbread
Somerset Cider Cake- It would be rude not too!   There were some issues and I ended up baking a Cheese,Gammon,Chicken and veg pie.
‘The Best’ Millionaires Shortbread
Special Toad in the hole
Toffee Apple Traybake

After a rough week last week I have never been so excited to immerse myself in some baking! Trying all new recipes. Some I’ve never made or eaten before and share them with my family and friends.

For each recipe I will create a new post and link it all up together!

I hope you all have a great baking week and get totally stuck in!

Ready set bake…

Me, Being Mummy

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