‘The Best’ Millionaires Shortbread 

Our first recipe of National Baking Week. Typically one I have never made before and to be quite honest I don’t even like. But I know a couple of people in my family that love it and I have an abundance of condensed milk I have to use!

So I took the recipe from the National Baking Week website it does include hazelnuts but I’ve left them out the link to the recipe is here.
So to start with I made up some shortbread.

This was just a simple shortbread and I baked it for 15 minutes. Whilst this baked I started on the filling.

I melted together the condensed milk, butter, sugar and golden syrup. And let it simmer for 8-10 minutes whilst the short bread baked. Constantly stirring.

I then poured this directly on to the shortbread and left to cool. I left this for well over an hour if not longer.

After melting the chocolate and spreading it across the top of the caramel filling I put it back in the fridge before it was taken away for ‘testing’ by the sister in law for her husband.

After making this recipe I would definitely advise more chocolate, their just wasn’t enough on the top to create a good layer either that or half the amount of caramel. It smelt great and must of gone down well with the family too as I haven’t heard any complaints!


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