Chocolate chip Shortbread biscuits.

My final recipe of the week, this again was a really simple recipe in fact I managed to get this done last night whilst packing lunchboxes!

The final recipe is here!

I managed to get loads of little biscuits out of this recipe mainly because being a mum and the fact I didn’t have a cookie cutter so I used one of the terrors juice cups to cut small biscuits out of the dough. You would think with all the baking I do I would be prepared for biscuit making.. Clearly not.

This is a really simple recipe. You can use the chocolate chips of all flavors. In fact you don’t have to use any at all.

To start with I creamed together the Butter and sugar then added the flour and chocolate chips and then using my hands I mixed this all together to create a soft dough. Once it had formed a ball I rolled this out to about a 5mm thick and started cutting. I did this a couple times making sure to use all the dough.

Then baked at 160c on fan for about 13 minutes. They came out beautifully. And tasted great warm and cold. I got about 25 out of these possibly even more.

The little terror absolutely demolished them! They were lovely! Finally my shortbread game is stepping up!

As my last recipe of the week I’m feeling a little deflated about next week and not having loads of recipes to get through. As much as I would love to make this a weekly thing I don’t think my waist line would appreciate this In the slightest!

Until next year Baking week.



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