Beauty and the Beast Afternoon Tea.

Those that know me, will know my Disney obsession is strong! I love Disney. I love the magic that is within it. I love that childhood feeling Disney films give me. I love the stories. I love sharing that with Lincoln and I absolutely love beauty and the beast!img_6402

After my mum found on facebook that Boringdon Hall in Plymouth were holding Beauty and the beast inspired afternoon tea we just knew that we had to go! Mum booked the table and off we went a couple weeks later along with Rhea and Ruby, Mum’s Hairdresser and her daughter. I brought Lincoln along. Now this seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t.

 So after a sleepless drive down to mums we set off to Boringdon Hall. An absolutely stunning manor house I was totally mesmerised by how beautiful it was. Even Lincoln was taken aback by the size of it.

img_6415We went through to the great hall and up the stairs to the restaurant where they held the afternoon teas. The table was beautifully laid out and the menus were Beauty and the beast inspired. Those that didn’t want that could still have the standard menu if they wished. We went straight in for the kill. Hot chocolates all round, although I did have coffee. Being upstairs we were sat at a table that you could look down over the grand hall. Lincoln loved the idea of this and tried to lean across me ending in him pouring my entire cup of coffee all over my leg and the lovely pristine white table cloth that was laid out. This is where I would definitely advise against taking unruly little terrors like my own. Lesson learnt!

The food came out really quickly and was so beautifully laid out. I wish I could do this every day! The tea consisted of three different flavoured mini sandwich fingers. Two scones each with cream and jam. Then the top tier had a brownie in the shape of a book, a cup of lumierre’s chocolate mouse and a clogsworth caramel treat. Lincoln scoffed pretty much everything he could get his hands on! It all tasted incredible and I must hold my hands up and say that in my 23 years on this earth today was the first day I had ever tried a scone. I cannot believe I have waited this long!

pooh bear

After finishing we headed out for a little walk to have a look around the venue. It wasn’t massive grounds that you were able to walk around which was disappointing but the house was so stunning it really made up for it.

I couldn’t believe I forgot to take my camera with me! I made sure I put it on charge the night before ready and then left it there! The photos I did get do not do anything of it justice!

at £27.50 per adult. This includes drinks it is totally worth it. The staff are amazing and so tentative and the house is just. wow.


4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Afternoon Tea.

  1. You were probably too excited that it made you forget your camera! The pics still look fab though, everything looks delicious! I’ve seen this on Facebook a couple of times and it looks like such a fun place to go to! Might have to plan it for my birthday next year or something like that. Thank you so much for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely, see you at the next one I hope! xxx

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    1. I actually was! I practically ran out of the car before I’d finished parking!
      It’s totally worth doing.. possibly child free would make it a lot more relaxing! But where is the fun in that?! xxx


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