Hunting for fossils and bones.

Today we managed to tick another activity off of our list! While out on our afternoon walk with the dogs we started looking for fossils and bones. Unfortunately no bones were found being nearly halloween that would have been really cool! We did manage to find some fossils!

lrg_dsc00725Lincoln wasn’t that interested in looking for them as it took too long so he quickly found a stick from the maize and started swinging that around like a lunatic but once we did find one he quickly became interested in fact he tried to pick the fossil out of the stone, realised he couldn’t and then threw it! so we only managed to keep one!



We went to Stocklinch a teeny tiny village just up the road from us where part of Tom’s farm is too, they have had many different excavations up their as you can regularly find many fossils being dug up by the plough. I also found a forum with what one man managed to find in 40 minutes! baring in mind this is kind of his thing! This makes our measly 3 look pretty pants.lrg_dsc00754

Overall we managed a lovely walk with Lincoln and the dogs. We also got in to see the cows feed them and play in the hay before we headed home. Another one off our list only 48 to go!


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