Netflix/Amazon Monthly Update

This month we reinstated our Amazon Prime membership. The first time around I never really used the amazon prime to its full potential. In all honesty I only signed up to it to watch The Grand Tour and once that had finished all that was left to use it for was my Greys Anatomy that I had bought on their by accident.

The great thing with the amazon stick is it has Netflix as an app on their. Usually to use Netflix we have to turn the xbox on which usually ends in the terror pressing the on and off button just to hear the ding of the Xbox so this works great for us! We’ve also signed up to the Disney Life subscription! My dream has come true. A place where you can get all the Disney films and Tv shows known to man!

What series are we watching?
Greys Anatomy– Need I say more. I am now truly up to date ready for the 8th November release of Season 14! I literally cannot wait. I am obsessed with Greys Anatomy I have watched every series at least 3 times! It never gets any easier to watch! It is so heart wrenching and gripping you just can’t stop watching. **SPOILER** To conclude Season 13.. WHAT THE F*CK, why can meredith not find happiness! Just as she was about to introduce riggs to the kids, Megan comes back? Why? If any one should return from the dead it’s “McDreamy” or George we all love O’malley.

Stranger Things
Okay so this was released on the 27th October and I had to start watching Season 2 as soon as I could. Admittedly I haven’t binge watched it like I half expected to but I was so tempted! When this first came out on Netflix I wasn’t keen. It took me ages to really get in to it but once I did I was hooked!! From what I’ve seen of season 2 so far it is totally gripping! I wont spoil this one but you have got to watch it.

What films have we been watching?

rexfeatures_5262623aMomentum- One of our customers at work is a hollywood actor. I am not even kidding right now. Anyone who has seen, Solomon Kane? A Knights Tale? or Momentum will more than likely know who James Purefoy is. Well we do the work on his cars! In fact I have driven his mercedes. But anyway, My dad recommended this film where James Purefoy is the ‘Baddie’ assassin and Its based on diamond heist and James and his team are trying to take out the thieves after they got hold of this little microchip. Its a really good film. Its a very action film. Lots of ass kicking and car chases and all that action kind of stuff.

My Best Friends Wedding- As a huge movie buff I could not believe that I hadn’t seen 227x227bbthis before! I’ve seen it advertised etc but I have never actually sat down and watched it. Possibly my favourite actress Julia Roberts is one of the stars. I absolutely love everything she is in! Sleeping with the enemy and Satisfaction being my top favorites although Notting Hill is in a total league of its own! This film is really light hearted, playful and what a real chick flick is all about. George is brilliantly played and possibly the best character. A must watch for a girly night in.

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