The Hunting of The Snark

I have always been a huge fan of Theatre Productions. I love a good show. As a teenager I performed in several myself, starring in at least two of them. But that feels like decades ago! It’s something I would absolutely love for Lincoln to take an interest in, and would love to start some form of a tradition by taking him to see a show. I know so many families that go to the Pantomime at Christmas as a family and it’s such a lovely idea. Admittedly until now Lincoln has been too little so its not ever been something that springs to mind. Until Now.

When Lincoln and I were offered a chance to watch The Hunting of the Snark I was so excited! And it was showing in a town less than an hour from us! Although it was only here for one day! The Show will be touring through the UK until the 19th November! So you can still check it out! Follow this Link for more Details.

Our showing is being held on the 3rd November at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater. This theatre is a state of the art 350 seat theatre and the Bridgwater and taunton college for the performing centre. Roughly half an hour away from us.

The hunting of the snark is based on the poem written by the creator of Alice in wonderland- Lewis Carrol. As a huge fan of Alice I am so excited to see this and find out what it’s all about. Judging by the press release this play is going to be side splitting fun for both kids and adults!

Come back after the 3rd to find out what we thought on the show!

We went and hunted a snark! Lincoln and I absolutely loved the show! It was brilliantly funny and Lincoln was so engaged. I was slightly skeptical to begin with when it seemed like such a basic performance. Not knowing how Lincoln would react as its not something he’s ever seen before. He absolutely loved it. Was so well behaved and could not have laughed anymore if he tried. 

This is a definite must see for those with kids 2 and over. Both the adults and the kids will have a great laugh and the minimalism of the performance really engages your imagination and theirs. 

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