A Mothers Savior

As a mum their are a few items that I just couldn’t go without. Their are things that really do save your ass on many occasion as well as those that you never thought you would need until you didn’t have it. When I was pregnant with Lincoln their were so many pointless items I was told I would need that I NEVER used! For example- A bouncy chair- My child physically hated his bouncy chair to the point he would scream bloody murder if you even attempted to hover him over it! its like he could smell the chair! Now I know so many babies that parents wouldn’t have been without their bouncy chair. So this list isn’t a ‘what you must get as it will work’ its a ‘what worked for us’ list that might also work for you.

Wet Wipes
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the invention that is a wet wipe. Yes you can have a wet tissue that will crumble as soon as it touches a surface or a sponge that harbors nastiness you don’t even want to think about. But wet wipes. These things really are genius. I use them for just about anything. All mighty sh*t bombs from the toddler, Wet Wipes. You’ve spilt some coco pops milk over the laminate, Don’t panic, Wet wipes. Your kids are in the bath and you’ve suddenly seen that your partner has left his beard trimmings scattered upon the sink and then decide you need to clean the entire bathroom with your in laws arriving in t-minus 15 minutes. Wet wipes. I think all parents have got to hand it to the wet wipes!

Teething powder
Kiddie Cocaine as I refer to it. With a baby that started teething ridiculously early I needed something. Something that would stop the fist chewing. The endless screaming that had no respite other than a feed. The rosy cheeks at 4am that would wake you with a screech. This stuff really is the holy grail. Those that walked in to Lincolns room when we were being hit by the teething monster would think it was half nursery half drug den. The scattered sachets left on the dresser. The odd remnants of white powder from the fumble in the dark in the early hours ‘session.’ So many people would say about the Amber Bracelet, I never really believed in it. I’m sure it’s worked for many but I just couldn’t get my head around how a bracelet would stop teeth from hurting? So this powder really was an almighty saviour for me as a parent.

Slumber Buddy

BloggingMy child was never a sleeper. He didn’t like going to sleep. He didn’t like bedtime. He didn’t sleep through the night until at least 16-18 months old. He didn’t like to stay asleep with wake up times being anywhere between 4am and 6am. I quickly became accustomed to broken/lack of sleep reverting to a constant caffeine dosage. However bedtime I was quite strict in the routine. Once I found what worked we stuck with it. This is where the slumber buddy came in. When we were hit with the 4 month sleep regression, now this shouldn’t be called a sleep regression as its more of an all night party. There is very little sleep actually involved! I needed a way to soothe him in to a trans that would ultimately send him to sleep! This is where I found a slumber buddy. I bought Lincolns at Toys R Us after a week or twos worth of attempting self soothe/cry it out. It didn’t work straight away I will admit, but one I found the song that did work for him and did soothe him this was brilliant. The stars that projected were enough to distract him from the fact I was leaving the room and the music soothed him to sleep. This worked right up until he was about 18 months old! And by then he had started sleeping through the night, we had moved house and he was extremely settled so it wasn’t needed at bedtime anymore. Or at the 3am wake ups when you just wanted him to go back to sleep! The tune will forever haunt me and anyone that has experienced bedtime with the terror. The tune of that bumble bee will never ever leave my mind but it worked!

For those parents who’s child- like mine, hated the bouncy chair, give a swing a try. As I said above Lincoln hated his bouncy chair. So many mums told me that I would need one and it would be the best thing because I could move it in to any room and they would happily sit there. WRONG. From the minute he saw that chair he knew he was not going in it. EVER. Best £50 I have ever wasted! how ever I did manage to pick up a second hand swing that rocked by itself for £10 It was what I can imagine the bounty chair was to so many others! So if your little innocent baby hates his chair try a swing! Ours had multiple setting for speed and seat positions. In fact once the batteries ran out (luckily it was close to Christmas time) I tied a bit of Christmas Ribbon around the seat and swung it as I peacefully sat and ate my lunch or watched tele whilst he napped.

img_6563I don’t think their is much else to be said on this one.
Whether its instant coffee, a bought costa coffee or made with my Tassimo Machine. As long as its got caffeine It was my saviour in those early mornings! To keep me going through the day.

Have you got any saviours for your little ones? Now Lincoln is much older I have found and heard about so many other products that would have been a life saver! But these are the ones I had and used at the time. None of these are #ads this is all genuine bought and used products. All of which I could not live with out.


6 thoughts on “A Mothers Savior

    1. I loved teetha more than I did ashton powder! and its half the price! I rarely needed infacol… I think that was one of the benefits of having a baby that could belch for england! No winding problems!


  1. Yes! To all of the above! As well as metanium nappy cream, my microwave and buggy clips! Thank you for joining in with the Honeybee linky! Hope to see you for the next one xxx


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