What a week or two.

This past week or so has been so consuming. I feel like I have totally fallen out of sync with everything. In fact I’ve felt like that the past couple of weeks. I finally got back in to a decent and steady routine and annoyingly nothing has happened and we have just fallen straight back out of it.

We haven’t done anything monumental. I haven’t done any baking (Which is slowly depressing me) life has been boring/hectic.

I have however finally got back in to going to the gym! This has been a long time coming. For a while I was going weekly and absolutely loved it. Going to the gym always picks up my mood and although I ache I feel so much better, my mood and mental health improves massively! I am a huge advocate for exercise its one of the best anti-depressants in life.

My best friend got married last Saturday! Well officially had her wedding day. They did tie the knot back in September but this was their ‘Official’ Wedding day. I was lucky enough to be bridesmaid at both! It was absolutely manic! non-stop craziness. We were constantly either doing hair or make up or both at the same time and try to tie up dresses. It was mad in the morning but the actual wedding was so lovely and a brilliant ceremony! Unfortunately with Lincoln being poorly the week before with his allergies his little bum didn’t quite fancy staying the entire duration of the wedding after going through 6 nappies in the space of 4 hours we had to make an early exit in the late afternoon but I was totally honoured and so lucky to have been a part of my best friends day!

Alongside this I have been doing a lot of reading and talking with Lincoln. Although his words for a two year old are really good It seems as though his sentence forming has fallen right behind and he has got himself hooked on the word No. I don’t think this is entirely intentional. Unlike the word Why, I know he does this for entertainment. How ever its like he doesn’t understand the word Yes, If you were to ask him if he wanted to do, have or if he needs something he would always respond with No. So we have been doing lots of reading and sentences. I have also focused a lot on calming him down. He is a very hyperactive and always running at 100 mph so making him take a breath and think about what he’s saying is really making a difference in his speech. Tonight he managed to repeat every word in 1 of our 3!!! bed time books. Usually we only have one but not tonight, he wanted 3.

Lincoln shoes

To Add to our boringly mad week. Our car also managed to get hit whilst parked outside our house and as much as I try really really hard not to get annoyed about it because the woman was lovely and stopped and gave us all her details at Half 7 in the morning. It still really winds me up that my extremely tidy and well looked after car has now got a bloody great scratch in the bumper. However the insurance companies are dealing with it and have been great.

As well as packing for our holiday next week things have been very standard and just every day stuff. Boring stuff. Yet I haven’t managed to find 10 minutes to sit down.

Usual service will hopefully redeem as normal once the holiday is done and we can start getting excited about CHRISTMAS!!!

Now that I look back at all that has happened its been pretty freaking mad! No wonder I’ve been running around like a blue ass fly and I still haven’t started let alone finished packing for our holiday on Wednesday!!

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