Promoting Road Safety, How have you done it?

In light of Road Safety Week I have decided to write a post on how we support road safety with Lincoln and hopefully get some ideas from you all on how you promote road safety to your little ones.


My toddler has no fear. To him he is invincible. When he falls he is usually up and going before I’ve had a chance to gasp at the fall. Although he has his moments when he’s feeling a bit more fragile and the only thing that works is Mummy’s magic touch but when it comes to road safety and awareness not even a mothers love can fix the damage that could potentially happen.


Lincoln is a very mischievous character and has a habit of running away just for fun. Whether it be in a shop or just as were about to head to the car in a car park. And his awareness of the road terrifies me because he just doesn’t care. He’s 2, why should he? But it’s my job as a parent to make him more aware of the dangers of a road.

With a boy fascinated by cars and bikes, lorries and tractors. He is automatically drawn towards the busy roads as we walk. I always keep him on the opposite side to the road whilst walking along the pavement. I make it fun to look both ways to see if a car is coming and when it’s clear we ‘go go go.’


This is all great and fun but when he is being the little tike that he is and is trying to make a run for it his road safety just doesn’t click in. Several times I have had to dash for my life before he gets to the edge of the pavement. Luckily we have never had an incident where he does run out in the road but I want to stop that from ever happening.

I am very hot on the fact that he either holds hands with a grown up or goes in the buggy. Their are no two ways about it. Unless we are in an open area. (of which he still manages to find some form of danger) We regularly have the attempt to wriggle out of our grip or the tantrum on the floor. The back arching as he ends up back in the pushchair but I hope my continuity will wear off on him and he will understand that its for his safety. Unlikely but worth a try.

I like to include him in our walks and talk to him about the road and its dangers. Whether its pushing the button on the crossing or pointing out whats coming. And I most importantly make him aware that everything we say or do is to promote his safety. for example ‘You must hold mummies hand whilst we are by a busy road so you don’t get hurt’ This doesn’t always work but as he gets older things are getting better.

For the first time last week he made us stop to look for cars before we crossed the road. This is a slow learning process but one that is so important!

How do you promote road safety in young children? do you have any tips that could help us?


4 thoughts on “Promoting Road Safety, How have you done it?

  1. He sounds exactly like my two year old! Holding my hand is also non-negotiable. Doing the school run always has my heart in my mouth as the school is on a busy main road and the cars fly past. All it would take is for her hand to slip out of mine and….it doesn’t bare thinking about. My elder two are quite good now but it’s so hard when they’re still toddlers and their instinct is to run #honeybeelinky

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  2. Road safety is so important! I have taught my eldest that he has to stay on the pavement at all times, especially whilst I am sorting my youngest out with his car seat. Repeating myself and pointing to cars as they pass by whilst explaining how he could get hurt has been my method so far. When he is a little older I will probably look for a little video for him to watch as well. I always remember the two hedgehogs singing King of the road from when I was young. It’s a catchy tune, I’ll probably show him that one! Thank you for linking with the #Honeybeelinky I hope to see you for the this week’s one too! xxx

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