Toddlers and meal times are hard work.

As much as I would love to have my child sit perfectly being ‘Seen and not heard’ This just doesn’t happen! At two my little terror doesn’t sit still and if it does happen it’s not for long. At home him being his usual rambunctious self isn’t so much of an issue.


We aren’t a breakfasting kind of family. We play rock paper scissors over who goes down and sorts out the terrors breakfast and makes the coffee in the morning. Whilst Lincoln sits at his little Ikea table usually engrossed in cbeebies- Either that or is decorating the dog with his coco pops, we creep back upstairs for 15 minutes of peace whilst the coffee kicks in and the day begins.


Lunch is usually full blown chaos when we are at home. 3 days a week we are all at work/ nursery. The weekends are never spent at home and wednesday’s and thursdays are never quiet days so again lunch is very hit and miss. As long as the toddler has a full belly usually from the sandwich he’s dissected and eaten seperately (not sure why I bother making it in to a sandwich) and then the bits on the side are shoveled in between wrestling matches with the dog and the dinosaur/car races going on upstairs.


Now when it comes to tea time its a much different affair. We always try so hard to have dinner as a family. Now admittedly Lincoln regularly has other ideas on this but we try our hardest. Whilst eating at home as long as the food goes in his mouth I don’t mind how it goes down regularly sharing my meal and my seat with a two year old if its eaten its a bonus! But when we are out for a meal its a different matter. I am very aware of the people around us and of Lincoln’s reactions. Now we are regular users of ‘Technology at the table’ (That’s a whole other post) I will happily sit my child in any restaurant and know that if I have paw patrol at the ready on my phone we are in for a good dining experience. He will happily sit and wait for food in around a busy restaurant on his own big boy chair with a couple episodes of paw patrol and I am so thankful for that! Tom and I are real foodies. I’m sure these ‘Child Friendly’ restaurants are excellent cooks ( I lack to see this at times) but Its just not for us.

giphy (1).gif

When pregnant with Lincoln one of the first things I said was how I was not going to mould to my child’s life. We would continue to live our lives how we want too but with a baby/toddler in tow. I am 95% sure I have done this. We still go out for meals. We still go out for drives to the beach at 9pm just for the hell of it. Admittedly things have changed. We carry a bag of just in cases. We aren’t drinkers so nights out on the town aren’t a big deal for us. But being able to go out for meals at the drop of a hat is a must for us and as difficult as Lincoln can be he is usually so good!

My issue is at home! Getting him to sit at the table and eat properly is getting more and more difficult. I’ve even resorted to trying the paw patrol at the table but even that doesn’t work. He wants to be sat on my lap or running wild around the house. He will happily sit and eat off of my plate the little monkey! In fact several times I’ve swapped plates with him in the attempt to get him to sit nicely and eat.

Has anybody got any advice or experiences?

We’ve bought him new plates, special cutlery, His high chair is no longer an option due to a slight incident with a gas stove (My Bad) or will this just come with perseverance at the table?

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