Great toddler lunch box ideas 💡

With Lincoln starting his new nursery back in September the usual routine for us had to change. Suddenly lunchbox making became a vital part of that routine. 3 days a week he was required to take in a lunch box. After his first day I realised just how much things had change since I took lunch boxes! No chocolate, no crisps, only healthy food and sandwiches. So after a couple weeks of struggling to know what to put in I have come up with a guide to great toddler lunches.

Sandwiches- Bread! Every kid I know loves a good sandwich. Mine especially! With bread being such a popular item in our house it would work out cheaper in the long run for us to use the Breadmakers by Panasonic it’s a cheap and cost effective way to have bread on hand everyday. This is definitely something I will be looking in to I love baking, however bred just isn’t my forte so maybe a Bread maker could make this a lot easier! The great thing with bread makers too is it is easy to make your own gluten free bread without the ginormous cost that comes with buying gluten free bread.

Sandwich fillers- my boy will eat pretty much anything but with his allergies we have to be really careful on what we use. Dairy free cheese and Ham with mayo is a big winner in our house! Along with Ham and brown sauce (yuck!) as well as chicken and homemade stuffing. I try to change up what we put in his sandwiches but being a busy working mum this isn’t easy to do!

Fruit/veg pots- so when my little ratbag first started at his nursery they said about putting fruit and veg in to their lunch boxes. I’m not gunna lie my purse pranged a bit at the idea of how much buying more fruit and veg to put in his lunch boxes. We do always have fruit and veg in the house but for some reason I thought this was going to be so hard to incorporate in to a lunch box. I was so pleasantly surprised! We bought cherry tomatoes and carrot batons for one pot this cut down any prep time and was a firm favourite for the terror. For fruit I also keep in the house punnets of grapes or I can easily pick up a snack bag of mixed fruit! These are a massive hit with the terror. I use handy little pots that you can pick up for £1 in any supermarket or here that keep things fresh and are great for portioning.

I also use Pinterest a lot. Your probably wondering what has Pinterest got to do with toddler lunchboxes? Well quite a lot! some of the ideas to make them fun for the kids are brilliant. Follow the link to my toddler lunchbox board and find out some of the ideas I use that are really easy even for a busy working mum.


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