Disneyland Paris

When I first suggested Disneyland Paris the idea was thrown straight out. Tom did not want to go.

But after some convincing (a lot) we were going, the holiday was booked! My excitement went from 0-100 in 0.5 seconds I was ecstatic to say the least! The holiday was booked in April so November felt like a life time away. All the preparations were put in place the passports were sorted so now I had to wait until November!

I am usually so organised and on the ball with everything but I think my excitement got the better of me, our timings for the eurotunnel were booked for 5am on the Thursday morning so we decided to stay over night at the premier inn to make life that little bit easier. However we hadn’t packed any of our stuff until late the night before we left for Folkestone infact the morning that we left we still hadn’t fitted the number plate with GB on it or the headlight deflectors so we had to make a stop in to work before remembering to get fuel and breakfast and make the first 3 hour leg of our journey.img_0174

Surprisingly our drive to the premier inn was incredibly smooth! Lincoln slept the majority of the way their only waking when we found an Asda to stop in to stock up on snacks for the holiday. We didn’t hit any traffic, possibly the most shocking part of the journey for anyone that knows the M3 and the M25 and we were up their by 3pm, it was still light out so we loaded off what we needed from the car and went off to explore dover castle, unfortunately it was shut. We did end up going up the hill a little more and finding a national trust place at the White Cliffs of Dover. This was brilliant we spent time with Lincoln showing him the ferries in the dock as well as watching the sun go down over the cliffs and enjoying a fresh walk in and around the cliffs. Afterwards we headed back to the premier inn where we had a nice but busy restaurant next door where we got our dinner too. We headed in for an early night knowing we were going to be up at 4am!


The night didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned. After finally getting Lincoln to sleep, which anyone that has a young one knows how difficult this is to do at the best of times. When your all sharing a room this makes things that more difficult to say the least! It ended in myself sleeping in the single bed and Lincoln and Tom sharing the really comfy king size bed! I dipped out big style here!!

But none the less we were up at 4am and we were just over a mile away from the euro tunnel. We checked in, I had a much needed coffee and we had a wander around the ‘Terminal’ before being shipped off on to the tunnel. The terminal was brilliant so well looked after, clean, tidy and the staff were brilliant! We had a few tired induced tantrums from Lincoln who just wanted to get on the ‘choo choo.’ We were quickly loaded on to the tunnel and we were on our way to France. After being wee’d on in the car (By Lincoln, who decided to pull his nappy off) we had a quick clean up and dress change and before we knew it we were being ushered off the tunnel! It was so quick! After another ‘Interesting’ 3 hour drive we were at Disney!!

For anyone wanting to drive to France that are doubting it, Please don’t! I was so skeptical at first! I panicked about being on the wrong side of the road and all that comes with it but it really is so simple! the strangest part is when you come back home and the roads just don’t seem right being on the left!

Disney was incredible! We checked in so quickly! We booked everything through Magic Breaks and it was all so smooth and well handled. Our room was ready a lot earlier than what we thought it would be, check in was at 3 and we were their by 11.30! even after getting lost! The staff again were so helpful! going through every part of our package with us. The room was spotless and so well executed. We stayed in the Santa Fe hotel which is based around Cars. This was excellent and we loved it!


We decided on our first Afternoon/Evening we were going to go to the Walt Disney Studios. But first we had a look around some of the other hotels.
I went to Disney back in 2001 and although it hadn’t changed massively things were so different to how I remembered them. We went to the Western themed hotel Cheyenne and re-enacted some of the photos from when I originally went back 16 years ago!


We had an amazing time at the stunt show at Walt Disney Studios! Tom and Lincoln were thoroughly engrossed! After our afternoon exploring the Walt Disney Studios we went on to the Steakhouse for Dinner this I can’t say was great. It looked incredible inside and the food was Ok. With Lincoln being 2 he isn’t classed as a child just yet so when it comes to paying for trips and days out this really works in our favour and we understood that he would still be allowed his own plate of food at buffets,etc however when it came to the Table Service restaurants that we were constantly encouraged to book at he was only provided with a jar of Baby food. He is 2 this really disappointed us and it was only at the waitresses discretion that she gave him his own plate so we could give him some of our food. This seemed to be the case across the restaurant. I seen a few young children just eating the available free bread because their parents were not made aware of this. So after quickly finishing our meals we headed outside for the Illumination show and crepe. Which was delicious!


The next morning after waking up late or in Englands case early. We had a Character breakfast booked. This was excellent! The buffet was lovely and delicious and we managed to fill ourselves up! Each character came around to the table and gave us their autograph and had a picture taken. It really was great. Seeing Lincolns face when he met Pluto was amazing! He was over the moon that he got to meet woof woof! although he was a little skeptical on the others!


We filled the next day in the park with lots of rides and exploring Frontierland and Discoveryland! We even took Lincoln on the haunted house ride, something as a child that I was never allowed to do so I felt the need to rebel and finally do it! I can totally understand why I wasn’t allowed! Mum and Dad you were right! I’m far too much of scaredy cat for that ride. Lincoln however loved seeing the ghosts!
We also watched Disney Junior Live and it was yet again brilliant! All the kids loved it, it was so engaging and really enjoyable for the adults too although being sat on the floor for the duration did make me feel like I was back in the school hall assembly.

That night we treated ourselves to a Rainforest Cafe meal. The animals coming to life were brilliant. I managed to walk Lincoln around to see it all and he loved it, seeing all the different animals and water features. The food came out really quickly and tasted delicious Toms favourite part being the French Mayonnaise which I have been promptly informed that I need to make some.

After a rough night again with trying to get the terror to sleep whilst all in the same room I decided to push the beds together! this made a massive difference and we all slept much better!


Our last full day in the park was brilliant we explored Fantasyland and its a small world, we rode the train and so much more however it was quickly dampened on following a terror threat at the Chessy train station at the park. As we were walking through the Disney Village to get lunch we were all quickly stopped and ushered back by security. Following the entrance of the bomb squad and Army we were all extremely worried. One incredibly loud explosion later the threat had quite literally be destroyed. This did send my anxiety through the roof. But we persevered to enjoy what was left of our holiday even with the massive increase in security and checks. The park handled it all so well and although we didn’t speak french they were incredibly reassuring to those that did speak the language.

Very quickly that evening and early morning the heavy rain and hail stones kicked in and we decided to travel home slightly earlier than what we had originally intended. Another easy trip on the euro tunnel to which we were late for.. I thought it was 6.25pm we were supposed to leave.. turns out it was am! luckily we were on the next train out and back home to a endless amounts of washing by midday!

Back to reality has hit hard and the magic of Disney is still flowing through me! Although Tom is not up for coming along again Lincoln and I are definitely planning our next trip already!

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