What we’ve been watching

Another month already. November is over? how has this year gone so quickly!
This month has been mad! We’ve been on holiday! We’ve had so much going on and scarily next month is just going to be busier with Christmas and all the holiday plans. But on the upside it means lots more Family time together snuggled infant of the tele.

What Tv Series are we watching?

MV5BMTQxODYzNTQzOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTI2MDYwMDE@._V1_UY268_CR1,0,182,268_AL_Peaky Blinders– With Season 4 returning to our tv’s on the 15th I have been so excited for this return! I am totally and utterly obsessed with this type of ‘genre’ I love a good gang movie. Legend ft Tom Hardy is in my top 10 favourite films. I also love the fact he is also in Peaky blinders. But I must admit my secret soft spot for Tommy/Thomas Shelby. For anyone that hasn’t seen Peaky Blinders really should give it a watch. It’s based in liverpool after the war and focusses on the Shelby family and their up and coming ‘slightly’ dodgy business and all that goes on in between.

p14167087_b_v8_abDynasty- To those that new the original dynasty, I apologize I have never seen it. But the new 2017 version I love. Fallon is so sassy! She really is brilliant. I’m so drawn in to the story line already. It’s got me intrigued to know what the original is like. Although at the moment I’m slowly creating a massive list of shows and films that I have to watch this is definitely in there! I’ve only watched the first few episodes but I am well and truly hooked on whats going on. What happens with Matthews wife? Will Krystal get over her love for Matthew? and will Fallon really screw over her daddy?

Greys Anatomy

Last but far from the least! Greys anatomy is officially back season 14 has hit the weekly screens and I could not be happier! After the fire that ended season 13 things are on the up with new hospital renovations. Although I’m sad to see Meredith and Riggs not together no thanks to Megan I’m secretly hoping and holding out that **SPOILER** Amelia’s tumour ends in some form of happiness for her and Owen. This season has so far seen the loss of Eliza minnick and Stephanie, and from other news sources were soon going to loose Riggs too 😭 as much as I adore Shonda Rhimes I can’t deal with anymore heartbreak or deaths!

What Movies have we watched?< strong>imagesSwallows and Amazons- My dad loved the book and the old film of this as a kid and as soon as it came out that was what I bought him for Christmas that year and I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy to receive a gift (apart from his Sonos Speaker) We finally got around too watching this! I have never been that intrigued but after a lazy Sunday afternoon we snuggled down for a family film and even Lincoln got in to it! he loved the boats and the planes and its got such a light hearted fun story too it. The film is brilliant and definite family film and I’m hoping once Lincoln is older it will be a book he will enjoy being read.

movieposterThe Choice- Oh dear god. I sobbed. I actually sobbed my heart out. I physically couldn’t stop. I love Nicholas Sparks, I love every film he has done. I loved his books and this one has been on my list for months. I always flick past in on netflix and say ooh I’ll get to that another day. After Tom wanting to play Farming Simulator for the evening I took myself off to bed for a girly film night. This film brings the beauty of southern boys and stubborn ass girls together. I absolutely love this film. If you want a real tear jerker I vote this film!

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