Potty Training

Since Lincolns birth I have dreaded the day it was time for potty training. Not out of laziness or lack of want for my little baby to grow up. I am genuinely terrified. Having a newborn seemed easy to me. Teaching him how to walk was easy. This, this terrifies me. What if I set him backwards? What if I don’t catch it at the right time? How long before I get it right?

I’ve seen friends and relatives struggle with potty training. I’ve heard stories of the struggles. I have rarely heard positivity when it comes to potty training. I have done more research on this that I am willing to admit too. I have investigated pottys, Toilet seats, Toilet steps, pull ups. You name it, I would have looked in to it. But none of this really prepared me for how my baby. My unique little terror. I forgot that every child is different. I forgot that no about of research was going to prepare me for what he needed!

His potty training came as quite a shock to us. What started as him hating his potty and only using it as a hat! to then undoing his nappy was quickly followed by him shocking us whilst away on holiday and climbing straight on to the toilet and doing his first wee! If only that was it job done.

giphy (2)

The one thing nobody told me was how hilarious potty training could be.

In ‘training’ Lincoln I was so worried about it all that I actually ended up thinking, who do I know over the age of 10 that isn’t potty trained? Nobody. It will happen. One day, one way or another it’s going to happen and the more I worry the more that will project on to him. I decided that if I didn’t laugh about it, I would cry and that won’t get us anywhere!

As soon as he found he could take his nappy off the fight to keep it on him was getting too much so we just let him run free. After a chat with his nursery we decided it was time. Although we had been waiting for the Christmas break to give us a bit of time with him at home but I didn’t want to hold him back. I went out and bought him his own big boy pants and let him put them on himself. After a ‘small’ incident with wee being dropped out of the potty swiftly followed by a massive poo on the floor we quickly realised that we had to keep a strong eye on him!

Our second day still wasn’t easy but we were getting their and thats all that I could ask for. Making sure to make a fuss of him every time he tried. With Lincoln I have found that praise is key. If you ignore the bad and really praise the good he responds excellently.

giphy (3).gif

So I’m calling bullshit on the people that say their child was potty trained in 2-3 days! They were either in nappies until the age of 9 or they are spouting shit. We are a little over a week in and today has quite literally been horrendous! The terror has gone through 3 pairs of pants and trousers. Along with an entire roll of the Blitz Kitchen Roll. (anyone who knows what this is, it really is an incredibly handy thing to have) The only difference today was that we had our best friend over for the day. He was so distracted by the excitement of them arriving… he peed, like an excited puppy. The upset of being sat on the naughty step for not sharing his toys… he peed. I left to go to the shop, he peed. Today has been an absolute shit show when it comes to potty training, figuratively speaking. That he managed to get in his nappy RIGHT BEFORE GOING TO BED!!!

But I am not deterred and he is still using the toilet and the potty. I have also been looking in to different toilet seat adapters. The one I’m most interested in is the Argos Keter Toilet Trainer. I am so on the fence about getting one. Lincoln is doing really well using both the toilet and potty he has no issues with that. My issue is hygiene. When he uses the toilet he pretty much face plants the rim. his hands grip around the seat and it makes my stomach churn. Admittedly I clean our toilet on a more than regular basis. Its part of my OCD but just the germs!!! And what about when he does it in a public toilet because Im not their to lift him on and off. The actual thought of that is making me feel queasy. But apart from the hygiene issue I know he’s getting on fine and I don’t really want to interrupt that with a new prop.

Over a week or so in we have managed ( I say we, this happened typically on the day he goes to nursery) a full dry day! No accidents still in the same trousers when I came to pick him up! I feel so proud. Although my father proceeded to tell me that it can take YEARS to potty train a child. YEARS! I am already aging by the minute with this stage of his development! surely I will be 65 in the body of a 23 year old at this rate?!

How have you approached potty training?
Got any entertaining potty training stories?



4 thoughts on “Potty Training

  1. We’ve just started trying to potty train our 3 year old – his sister was dry by his age but he’s not so keen. We’re having some success with Pirate Pete’s potty training book though so all in good time! #twinklytuesday

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