Why reading to your children is so important

Reading to your babies is an ever lasting memory.

I have been a bookworm from such a young age. I loved the Jacqueline Wilson books and can remember reading the entire collection over and over. It was a massive favourite of mine. I regularly read before bed and would often find ways after being told to go to sleep numerous times to read whether it was sneaking in a torch or transferring a lamp from my parents room to mine thinking they wouldn’t know.

One memory that has stuck strong in my head was my dad reading to me and my brother before bed a couple nights a week. It didn’t happen often but when it did he would read us the famous five. I can still remember the story perfectly. I remember him telling me that it was one of his favourite books as a child and him wanting to pass that on to us.

My step mum who quite frankly is an amazing mother to all 4 of us has always told me to read to my terror as often as I can. Infact she has pretty much demanded it! When he was a baby I never saw the point but as soon as he was sleeping well in his own bed and we got in to a set bedtime routine it began and it is now my favourite time of the day.

With the most hyperactive, continuously on the go child, reading is what we call quiet time. Its the time where he climbs in to bed, snuggles down and has a book. We also use it to promote his speech. Our favourite books for this are the ‘Thats not my book’ the wording is simple, the books are bright and interactive. I have him repeat the words to me clearly and slowly and since doing this regularly he is forming sentences so much better!

Another of our firm favourites is the Gruffalo, to the point that now when its on the TV I can tell you exactly what they are going to say! in fact all of the Julia Donaldson books are a massive hit! At the age of 2 I find Lincoln so engaged with books that are about animals and involved interaction, feely books or flap books are a great resource.

I have had friends ask me what we do at bedtime, or how do we help him build his speech and every single time I say with reading! It is so much better than using an iPad or Leap frog, I’m sure these things are also great but think back to what they did before these were around?

I am so excited for when Lincoln is old enough to read The Famous Five to him. I’m not sure he will be a fan of Jacqueline Wilson books, but their are so many others I am excited for!

What books do you read to your Children?
Do you have any great memories of being read to?

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