Why I love having a poorly baby

Okay so that probably sounds horrendous and as a mother and human being I would never wish ill upon anyone!

But when your ‘baby’ is a hyperactive, forever on the go, crazy little terror sometimes it’s nice for him to slow down and want a cuddle from his mama. Although as a baby Lincoln wasn’t always the well-est of babies, with a few hospital stays no thanks to his temperature! (Something I will get around to writing about) Apart from this he has always been an absolute lunatic, running wild and never stopping! So when he does get a cough or cold, or just feels a bit under the weather I make a point of stopping what I’m doing and make the most of his clingy, mummy is my one and only state and we snuggle all day!

Admittedly today… with only 3 sleeps until Christmas and this being the day I was going to send him in for his last day of nursery for the year so I could get all my jobs done and dusted he decides we are going to be up every 2 hours the night before with a temperature something that sends my brain in to melt down due to his previous temperature related issues. He also picks the time that Mummy and Daddy forgot to replace the calpol we accidentally smashed on the kitchen floor last week. So we have to ring grandad in a panic first thing in the morning to drop some round, and like the best grandad he is, he’s sorted it within 15 minutes of us calling!

In spite of all that I’ve got left to do I’ve scrapped it all, we’re having a sofa day, we’ve got the blankets out we’re still in our jammies and much to my disappointment we’ve got paw patrol on repeat! I am making the most of these cuddles in hope that although I know medically it will be the calpol that makes him better, it’s mummy’s cuddles that soothes him back to his usual crazy self.

As horrible as it is to see them poorly I try to make the most of it while he feels rubbish and treat him like a little prince. He’s usually fighting fit and running riot the next day.

Anyone else strangely enjoy the all day snuggles of a poorly baby? Or is it just me 🙄

2 thoughts on “Why I love having a poorly baby

  1. The snuggles is the only part that makes their being ill bearable. And I always feel like the most special person in the world for the fact that they look to me for the comfort. Thank you for joining in with the #honeybeelinky lovely, see you next time I hope! xxx


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