Christmas Eve ๐ŸŽ„

Christmas Eve is so under rated! We absolutely love Christmas Eve almost as much as we love Christmas Day!

The anticipation of the fat man arriving and all the little bits that go with it, last year was our first year of doing a Christmas Eve box, as a kid our Mum would let us open one present after dinner almost like a teaser of what was still to come!

Our Christmas Eve is always filled with family and lots of fun, now Lincoln’s older it’s an even bigger deal to us!

This year we went to the farm in the morning to help daddy out with some of his jobs, Lincoln climbed in to the tractor and was more than happy to help!

We then came back and started the Christmas baking! We made uncle Shane-Shane’s birthday cake for this evening, cooked the turkey and pork ready for tomorrow and made Santa’s cookies from our beautiful Zac&Lilys Christmas Eve kit!

We ordered the zac and lily box a couple weeks before Christmas in anticipation for the day! This year Lincoln is beginning to understand what ‘ho ho’ as he calls it is all about.

Our box came with a beautiful Santa’s cookie mix (which taste amazing, Santa will be lucky if their are any left!) reindeer food and a snowman hot chocolate, it was beautifully presented!

He also got some Dinosaur Christmas Pyjamas and the same as he gets every year, the book- The Night Before Christmas. We read this before bed and it gives me all the Christmas feels!

Once the munchkin is tucked up in bed the real magic happens, usually ending in a few drinks and the attempt at building Christmas gifts ๐ŸŽ this is where the grown ups get to have a laugh! Over the past couple years we’ve had some serious entertainment from the men attempting to build little tykes cars and tracks, and this year didn’t fail either!

We are now all set up, stockings are in place, and we are ready for the little mans excited face when he sees that Father Christmas has been!

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