What were watching this month?

December! Another month and another year has gone by. How is that even possible?

With Christmas this month we always have our annual films. Although some others have slipped in this month. With having so much time off their really is nothing better than a good snuggle! especially with how cold its been!

Tv Series

Peaky Blinders

Another month of Peaky blinders has gone by and I am still absolutely loving it! The story line is so gripping **SPOILER** I cant believe they killed off john!! And Polly has turned against Tommy! It’s all totally going on! I have heard rumors that this will be the last series which is totally gutting as I love it but what will be will be!

Garage Rehab
Richard Rawlings has brought out another great Tv show! We are massive Fast n Loud fans! I have been watching fast n loud for years on the Discovery channel however we’ve recently found Garage Rehab on our Now TV box that is basically Richard going out with his little team to other garages that are struggling and paying to upgrade them and set them on the right path! They have to pay Richard back and until they do he owns the business but in return they get everything renewed and renovated! It is an excellent show for anyone that already loves fast n loud!

The Grand Tour
ITS BACK!!! After what has felt like forever our 3 favorite English blokes are back! We had seen so many adverts and were so geared up to watch and we were not let down at all! With the first episode including Richard Hammonds Crash although not much caught on camera, it’s great to see he’s okay. Tom and I have always loved Top gear and as much to many peoples distaste we love Jeremy Clarkson, I think he is hilarious so we loyally followed them across to The Grand Tour and I am so glad we did! Now for 11 weeks of laughter!


Captain America;Winter Soldier, Antman, Marvel avengers Age of ultron
So Im sure some of you have seen our A Marvel Little Adventure that we are doing. Well we have been totally slacking lately and decided on a little movie marathon of marvel films and it was totally worth it. Captain america is a great sequel to the first. Their are many links to the first so if you haven’t seen it, it could be confusing but its easy enough to follow. Ant man we absolutely loved it was hilarious. I am a massive Paul Rudd fan anyway but he never fails to make me laugh. I am so looking forward to the Ant man and the wasp! Avenger age of Ultron again this we loved! They introduced some great new characters and had some excellent fight scenes! We are so geared up for our next Marvel stint!

American Sniper
So one of our friends has been going on and on about how we had to watch this film. I was really excited to watch it Tom however isn’t a big film fan at the best of times but loves guns so he was up for it. Now this is a long film, I ended up watching it in 2 halves as I ran out of time and wanted to really get stuck in (which I did) It’s based entirely on a true story and usually I would put some spoilers in but the ending is just awful, not as in its a terrible film awful as in its a terrible thing that happened! I honestly could have cried. But their were boys about I had to look a little tough! Possibly one of the best films I have seen that is based on a true story!

The Grinch, Santa Clause, Home Alone
I don’t care its December Its Christmas and I watch these several times every December and I am never let down! All 3 are my go to Christmas films and I love nothing more than a blanket a hot chocolate and a good Christmas film! Although Tom isn’t a big Christmas fan he loves Home alone too. Even Lincoln loved The Grinch. This is the first year he’s really started watching films and enjoying them so its so nice to be able to share it with him! I even got my Grinch pyjamas out!

Now its back to the slog of daily working and time to start shaking off the winter!

One thought on “What were watching this month?

  1. American sniper was a fantastic film, even with the ending. If you like stories based on true events, have you seen Captain Phillips? If not, put your phone down and go and watch it now! I also really enjoyed The Founder, it was a really interesting story, also a bit of a sad ending.


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