Life is an ever changing thing. Its constantly moving and never stops. We have been having such a wild adventure and we have had the craziest year and its only going to get crazier.

Lincoln is 3! Technically he is a threenager. He has the attitude of a thirteen year old. He huffs, he growls, he stomps his feet and he has a sickening smile that could cripple even the toughest of people.

lincoln and bailey

We got the house of our dreams. After our Monstrous disappointment in February of viewing our house and being told it was being taken of the market that was it for us, nothing compared, nothing was good enough. But come May our luck had changed and Tom’s new job gave him the connections and possibilities to convince them to let us have the house of our dreams and we could not have been any happier so June 4th we moved. Our home is perfect and everything we could ever want.

We got married! 1st December we had our special day and tied the knot. It was the most perfect day and we have never felt luckier. We had our most important family and friends by our side and we could not have been any luckier with the weather! It was an incredible day and I am now a Mrs. Which always seems to catch me out at the minute when filling out forms!

weddng 3

And to round off our year we are expecting a little Baby Grinter in June! The hardest secret we have had to keep! But without a doubt the best one.


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