Oh Baby

We finally revealed our big secret. How it has stayed a secret for so long I don’t know. I can never keep a secret! And believe it or not Lincoln knew all along and never said a word.

Baby Grinter shall be making there arrival in JUNE. That seems completely crazy to think but its definitely happening. This pregnancy has been the complete opposite to my pregnancy with Lincoln. With Lincoln most people knew I was pregnant from about 6-7 weeks so for no one to know until I was 14 weeks has been crazy but lovely at the same time as Tom and I have had our own little secret. As lovely as it was to finally tell our friends and family it was so lovely to keep it just between us for a little while.
I have felt SO SICK. I never ever get sick. I’ve had one sickness bug in the last 5-10 years so to feel like I’m going to throw up for a good 6 weeks has been tough. I was lucky enough to not actually be sick so I am thankful for that!

I ache like a bitch. My hips and back are horrendous, I have never felt aches like this before!
With Lincoln I always remember craving Meat and Mushrooms. All I wanted was a really juicy steak or burger that was still a little bit pink (Obviously I didnt have it undercooked, as much as I may have wanted to!) And mushrooms really greasy mushrooms.
Well this baby is a little bit on the strange side. My two mega cravings. Melted cheese- Totally normal. A mix of ketchup and mayo… with gravy. Not on its own but my most recent ‘interesting’ meal has been past bake with gravy.. and then a mix of ketchup and mayo on the side. and goddamn it was good!

This week we have our 16 week appointment with the midwife who luckily in our area now comes to our house which makes things a lot easier when it comes to sorting out Lincoln. Although Tom won’t be there as he’s working I’m hoping we get to hear the heart beat, thats always one of my favourite!


Lincoln has been so good with this pregnancy and is at that perfect age where he is beginning to understand things on a longer term! We told him all along that there is a baby in Mummy’s tummy and that he’s going to be a big brother, It may have taken some convincing but he’s very excited about our little Baba. Even if he does ask if we can swap him/her for a new puppy.

With this pregnancy I am also under consultant care, which is totally new to me but due to my pre term labour with Lincoln the midwives have put me under shared care. Im hoping to keep you all updated regularly on how this pregnancy is going, what were doing and all of our new adventures to come!

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