30 Weeks!

So its April?!
What the fuck.

I literally cannot keep track of this year at all. It’s been non stop, as a quick recap of the last 4 months of radio silence.

  • We decorated the upstairs.
  • Lincoln had a haircut and didn’t scream like a banshee.
  • We found out we are having another little boy.


  • It snowed.
  • We got really poorly!
  • It was Toms birthday
  • We bought a new truck!


  • We made the most of the sunshine and spent lots of time walking and playing.
  • Lincoln went for a sleepover at his Nana and Grandads
  • Lincoln has begun to learn how to ride is big boy bike.
  • Mothers Day was a lovely simple day.
  • We explored some more

This Pregnancy has been super hard compared to Lincoln’s. Which is really strange because with Lincoln I went in to pre term labour at 32 weeks, I had numerous bleeds and I was MASSIVE, like ridiculously huge. However this time around I’m fitter, healthier, smaller and yet this time I can barely roll over at night without wanting to cry in to my pillow with pain. I actually had sickness… or the sickness feeling this time around. But I refuse to moan to much because this baby is a complete blessing and we are so lucky!

With only a matter of weeks until my due date things are getting busier for us and soon I will be living my dream of working from home and raising my boys!
Since I first found out I was expecting Lincoln I always wanted to stay home with him and experience him growing and learning, That wasn’t possible at the time and when he was 5 months old I returned back to work 3 days a week. This time I will be working from home which is a complete dream, giving me more of a chance to focus on my boys and my family as well as continue to help support our family.

To add to our journey through 2019 our biggest boy is going to be starting Primary School this September!! AHHHHH Which is utterly terrifying and heartbreaking and he’s too little and I can’t cope. But, it’s going to be such an incredible adventure for him and us, I am praying when the time comes he will take it in his stride just like he has nursery but his attitude towards it isn’t the best. It’s less than 2 weeks until we find out his school placement and yes, he is still in denial that he’s going to big boy school. (Your not alone their son) But my hope is that when he knows exactly which school he will be going too we can show it to him and get him a little more involved and interested.

Some upcoming posts for you guys.

My Pregnancy photoshoot with Birth Stories by Hannah.
Matilda Theatre Trip
Unicorn Cupcake Recipe
Easter Weekend
9 to 5 Christmas present weekend!
The Bath and West
Baby G’s Arrival

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