Pregnancy Photos- Birth Stories By Hannah

When Pregnant with Lincoln I bought a package from a ‘Photographer’ called Bump to Baby, without going in to do much detail, it was the biggest waste of £300 I have ever spent. In all honesty it really put me off having professional photos done again . Especially by said photographer. However since then I have learnt from my experience and that the whole studio photography just isn’t for me or my family. It may work for others but not us.

Since then we have had great experiences of our Engagement and Wedding Photos with Tessa Which I will eventually get round to writing a post about. I was more than happy to help when my details were passed along to Hannah to help rebuild her portfolio. Hannah has restarted her journey as a pregnancy/ birth photography and being a doula. Along with having 3 beautiful children of her own she has done some incredible things, traveling to Uganda to work with pregnant women over there! I totally envy her! She really is so lovely and totally put me at ease when having photos.

Having Hannah come to the house and being photographed in my own home really made me feel at ease. It gives each photo a really personal touch and we were able to go about our normal day. Its something I can carry with me for the rest of my life as well as showing the Baby once he’s older. Lincoln was as Hannah has so rightly put on top form! He’s such a poser… for everybody but me!

I’ve posted a link below to her site with all her details and anyone in the area should get in touch she’s created some INCREDIBLE shots. Even when I felt like a total blimp. Hannah’s got a great blog with some lovely stories and I can’t wait to see it grow and develop!
Birth Stories By Hannah


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