Forde Abbey Easter Fairytale Walk

Oh Easter, You pointless yet spectacular break.
Easter means so many things to so many people. It’s a Religious holiday, It’s a long weekend, its 4 days of the year where calories do not count. Its yet another time of year that has been taken full advantage of to make as much money as possible.
To me Easter is about spending time with family. Its the only other time of year bar Christmas where you can spend quality guilt free time with family. I don’t feel guilty for not working or for not doing a housework/odd jobs. I always like to make the most of a 4 day weekender and this year was of absolutely no exception.

On a side note- We were asked what we got Lincoln for Easter- the answer is Nothing. Absolutely Diddlysquat. We do not do Easter eggs or Easter gifts of any sort. For anyone. That’s not because I’m an Easter Nazi, set against chocolate, treating my son or that I don’t believe in the holiday itself, Its because its a total waste of money why should I spend money on egg shaped chocolate that will sit in our cupboard for a good 6 months? I wont eat it, Tom wont eat it and I like to put a limit on how much shit Lincoln eats so we usually forget we even have it. But that’s just my opinion and for another parent to try and make us feel bad about that is not acceptable. It annoys me that Easter has become yet another money spinner. To all the parents that have the “Easter Bunny” visit good for you. Or to those that are like us and do nothing again Good for you. Parenting is not a competition. What you choose to do is up to you.

This year I was a little bit savvy with my holiday booking. Taking 9 days off over Easter and It was so needed! In my current pregnant state I needed a break!. One of the best Parts of our Easter weekend had to be our first ever trip to Forde Abbey and Gardens!

20190420_102804.jpgOur first stop was to the Trading post- Pips Railway Cafe. This is one of our favourite Cafe’s. Based in an old train carriage and double decker bus. They serve the best Mocha’s (my ultimate favourite) and make INCREDIBLE food! If your ever driving along the South Petherton to Ilminster back road you will see the carriage. Its so quaint, with beautiful views, outdoor space and a small play area for younger children. We had a beautiful breakfast as expected and then headed of a short journey to the Abbey.


I’ve lived a maximum of 10 miles away from Forde Abbey my entire life and have never been. They had created a Once upon a time/ Fairy tale themed Easter hunt. With different clues and characters throughout the gardens. We had such a wonderful time exploring. The weather was stunning and getting to spend some quality time with Nana & Grandad is always our favourite!





The house itself was shut but the Gardens were open with Storytelling every hour and the water feature being switched on every few hours. We received a map with instructions on where to find the clues to the word we had to guess. From the outside the house was stunning with beautiful windows and even down to the drainage the guttering was so cleverly laid out. The house itself sat empty for 100 years!


Lincoln was great at finding the letters and we got to enjoy walking in the beautiful sunshine. We really couldn’t have asked for more fun! Planting Magic beans, Milking cows, Climbing rapunzel’s castle and having breakfast at goldilocks table. This was definitely an excellent choice to do on our extra long weekend and I would recommend a visit in the beautiful weather to enjoy the Gardens at there finest!



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