Birthday cupcakes

I’m 90% sure that April is our most popular birthday month. (Thank God baby G is due in June!) Along with the usual cards and money/gifts I decided I wanted to make some Birthday cupcakes for each person, or for the gathering that we would attend for that person’s birthday. Something that was a bit more personal than a tenner in a card. Here is where I began my new Birthday cupcake trend. And from peoples reviews itll be sticking around. I dont like sponge cake. I dont know why Im just not a fan of cupcakes, sponge cakes, or most cakes in general, give me a tray bake and I’m your girl but sponge is not my thing. However I believe everyone that enjoys baking should have a go to sponge recipe whether it be cupcakes or an eight teir wedding cake, if you’ve got the sponge perfect that is the perfect foundation.

My first round of cupcakes were Ethans Birthday cupcakes, these were funfetti cupcakes that had hundreds and thousands strands going through the sponge and on the icing. This was also my first attempt at piping icing I surprisingly shocked myself at how well it went. But the sponge was just okay, it was light and fluffy but the strands just didn’t work for me but they were all still gobbled up.

Now the next ‘batch’ of cupcakes were a moment of realisation that i have a habit of biting off more than I can chew. Terrible joke but very fitting for the theme. So over the Easter weekend it was my Aunties 60th Birthday and with atleast 30 of us going out for a birthday meal I thought what better way to celebrate than by making 36 cupcakes of 3 different flavours. Flavour number 1 was a Lemon drizzle cupcake, I hate lemon flavour things, my mum was the taste tester for this. Lemon is her favourite flavour, infact I made a lemon birthday cake for her this year. She had to make sure the Lemon was just right. These had a lemon flavoured sponge and were then covered/infused with a lemon drizzle and topped with lemon flavoured buttercream.

The next set were just standard Vanilla cupcakes, with a vanilla buttercream and sprinkle on top. For those with a more standard pallete. After completing all the cupcakes I kind of realised that I had pretty much nailed my cupcake recipe and had found my perfect foundation. I knew when and for how long to beat the ingredients, what worked and what didn’t work for me. Being as obsessive as I am I actually wrote down timings and amounts etc for how and when it worked perfectly.

Last of this batch, but most certainly not least, infact I think these were my favourite- I actually ate a whole one of these, which is a miracle considering my distaste to sponge- Chocolate fudge Cupcakes. These were amazing, the sponge wasnt heavy the chocolate wasnt too intense and the buttercream icing was heavenly, I actually licked the bowl! These were my proudest moment. I just wish I used nicer cases! And saved more for myself!

I dont have a fancy stand mixer, infact all I use is a hand mixer that is actually older than I am, it was my parents (when they were married) it then stayed with the house and my dad until just over two years ago I borrowed it and have never returned it. It doesn’t have a brand on it so I couldnt even tell you what make it is. It is great to have, no matter how much the Kitchenaid stand mixer is the dream! It really stood up to the test this round of cupcakes and ended up getting a little too hot and now only has one speed working which is either off or mid speed, the slow and fast option no longer make any difference to the speed the beaters go at. But it still goes and that’s all that matters.

This final batch of the Birthday cupcakes were again just a standard Vanilla cupcake but this time I wanted to put my new found piping ability to the test.

That’s where my Mermaid cupcakes began. We wont talk about the hideous green and yellow buttercream Lincoln ‘assisted’ with. After a quick visit to Tesco I found the Dr Oetker Mermaid cupcake kit! Used my go to cupcake recipe but the Dr Oetker Icing recipe to decorate and it was a stunning success! The picture did not do them enough justice. The recipe and link is here Dr Oetker Mermaid Cupcake

Thankfully our busy April Birthday month is over and although I will continue baking and treating everyone to birthday bake but I’m now ready for my next baking challenge. Lincolns Birthday cake hes not 4 until August so I’ve got plenty of time. I’m going to be trialling lots of sponge recipes and lots of icing! Keep an eye out for more baking posts and what I’m baking next!

Mrs G

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