Matilda, Bristol Hippodrome

Everyone loves a midweek show! We have had these tickets booked for at least a year. The moment we knew it was coming to Bristol Hippodrome we were going! I am a big Matilda fan. I loved the film as a child- in fact I love it even now as an adult.

I would say I’m a semi regular theatre attendee. We do go to several shows a year, usually at the Bristol Hippodrome. I believe its our closest theatre for the ‘bigger’ shows. We have our local theatres with the local performances but I prefer the bigger shows. Matilda was no exception. We headed up early so we could catch some dinner before we headed in. Now I’m an impatient bugger at the best of times. I don’t like sitting and waiting. (I also happen to be one of those annoying people that are always early so I always end up waiting around- Vicious cycle) This time around luckily the show began dead on 7.30 as scheduled. Which was quite the shock to us. Normally were sat waiting 15 minutes or so.

I’m not going to outright say I didn’t like the show.
I did enjoy it I thought the actors were brilliant, such young children performing like they did was an incredible thing to see, They really are talented.
The singing was also incredible.
The story, wasn’t the Matilda I expected.

This could totally be my own fault and having such high expectations of it being so similar to the film but it really wasn’t. This is more than likely the directors intention to come away from the film Matilda. Unfortunately I haven’t read the book and it is on my list of books to read to the boys when they’re bigger, mainly for my own satisfaction but I know nothing of any Russian Mafia. It felt more like a cross between Annie and come the end of it a bit of a Pantomime.

It was funny and had us all belly laughing through so much of it. I probably wouldnt pay to go watch it again however I am glad I went.

Only a matter of days until I am off to my next show at the Savoy Theatre! watching 9 to 5! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

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