9 to 5, Savoy Theatre


Yes it’s nearly June however we got our Christmas present this weekend and it was totally worth the wait!

We were given tickets to go and watch 9 to 5 in the Savoy theatre for Christmas. This was all booked before the revelation of my pregnancy so the timing wasnt ideal. London at 37 weeks pregnant was not easy! I was exhausted but it was totally worth every ache and pain. Not only that father then booked his trip to Italy the week of the show so things were a little on top of one another but it all worked out amazingly.

Lincoln was lucky enough to go and stay with his auntie Ellie in Southampton for the night. They had lots of fun with party tea, going to the farm and the park and the fact he got to spend quality time with ellie before she jets off to Canada for a year was probably the best part for them both.

We travelled up to London and stayed at Sunbury travelodge. I’ve never been here before but both my dad and Nicky have used it a couple times as it works out cheaper for staying and travelling in to London. I think the hotel rooms were between £40-50 a night and then for a travel day card was like £10 which meant you could travel in and around all the zones of London. This is definitely something I plan to do with Lincoln when I finally get around to taking him to the Natural History museum.

So we got to London met dad and went off on our first stop. The Hummingbird Bakery, as a massive baking fan I cannot believe I have only recently heard of them. About 3-4 years ago I was given one of there cookbooks. I thought it was good but never really looked any further. Then my sister in law started raving about how every time they went to London they had to have one of there red velvet cupcakes. I was intrigued and it was totally worth it! I went for the frosted brownie and it was delicious! Definitely worth a stop if your in the city and there are multiple locations!

We then wondered over to the Savoy, and had a really chill dinner in frankie and bennies admittedly we were wasting time but it was so nice not to rush! Usually meal times are a case of shovel yours in, make sure the kids are eating and get out of there where as this time I actually got to people watch! One of my favourite things!

The Savoy theatre is based next door/within the hotel! It’s an amazing building and we surprisingly learnt quite a bit from the programme that Ethan bought.

9 to 5 was incredible I hadnt seen the original so didn’t really have anything to put it against. I think that’s a really good thing as I would of been comparing the entire time which is something I really need to get out of! The actresses and actors were excellent, they had us laughing so much especially Brian Connelly and Bonnie Langford.

All in all I had an absolutely brilliant Christmas weekend, I couldnt have done anymore as I was utterly exhausted but I really had the best time! Now to get this baby out and plan my next theatre trip.

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