The Bath and West whilst Heavily Pregnant.

We visit the Bath and West every year. It’s a really good day out for everyone, the kids can enjoy seeing the animals, tractors, helicopters, riding in the train, whilst the adults can enjoy the food, drink and shopping as well as the events going on through out the day.




It really is an all rounder kind of day. Most years we pick up our tickets at a discounted rate by ordering online in advance except this year I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to make it being 38 weeks pregnant! But thankfully I did and I had another great year! The other great thing is although yes adult tickets can range between £18-25 depending on when/where you get your tickets kids are free up until they are 15! That to me is an ultimate winner especially when it really is a full days worth of fun.

We never really have a plan when roaming around the show, just a case of see what you can throughout the day. We usually see the animals first whilst it’s coolaand not so busy that way you can actually see the animals up close rather than from behind other peoples heads. The boys had so much fun seeing the animals, riding the trains and climbing all over different machinery!




So many of the stalls have different activities whether its interactive game play like at the Western Power tent or the pedal round tractors at the Tractor Ted stand, there really is so much to do and choose from.

The food is also incredible! The first year I went with Tom I was not tactful at all, we hit the food and drink tent first. I was tasting shots of gin at 9am on an empty stomach and some how managed to come away from the tent with over 100 sausages. He will never let me live it down. Nor will I ever forget the head ache I had a few hours later. No drinking for me this year so we just taste tested the food, bought more sausages and had for lunch the most incredible burger I have ever had.


It’s a long day and the boys were good as gold they walked so much and it was a really muggy warm day so come the end they were a bit grumpy and very tired! How I managed to do over 13000 steps at 38 weeks pregnant and not go in to labour (dammit) is beyond me! I was utterly exhausted and come the end of the day could barely move but the fun we had and have every year makes it totally worth it and I cannot wait to go again next year! Although then I will be pushing a pushchair rather than carrying a 6lb weight in my front!

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