Brody has arrived

After 41 weeks of waiting our precious little boy has finally arrived!

Born on the 18th June at 21.11 weighing 7lb 1.5ozs

The last 3 weeks have been blissful, tiring, surreal, but amazing. To be a family of four now has come with its difficulties. Lincoln asking for a different baby being just one of them. But slowly we are coming out of the haze and back in to real time.

I was lucky enough to have an incredible birth and recovery has been so quick! I feel great although somewhat tired from the night feeds which is to be expected. Brody is thriving gaining 30g in his first 5days!

We really couldn’t be any happier! After 2 weeks we also finally got Lincoln to hold his baby brother which was a huge moment for us all! I’m sure they will slowly become the best of friends even with such a rocky start!

Not only has this little person changed our lives forever in a good way he has also sent myself on a new path of being a work at home mum. This brings new challenges and new adventures so watch this space for all the new and different things we will be doing! With summer holidays just around the corner I’ll be making a summer bucket list of as many free and cheap things we can do together as well as documenting our family life.

3 thoughts on “Brody has arrived

  1. Congratulations!! 😀 What’s the age difference between your boys? My youngest two are 19 months apart. It was rough for awhile but around twelve months or so, things got fun! 🙂


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