Summer 19 Ninesprings, Yeovil

Its summer and this year we are going to really make the most of it.
With Lincoln starting school in September I’ve become aware of how little time I actually have left with him. Wednesdays and Thursdays are usually our days to spend some time exploring and making memories. Being pregnant for the beginning of this year made me exhausted and I felt so limited in what I could do so now that Brody is here I am so ready to get started with our Summer.

This year things are a little different, now that I’m not working we are no longer a 2 income family. Days out for us need to be free or as cheap as possible. This has ignited my interest in being thrifty, couponing, finding free fun and spending as little as possible. Its almost become a game, If we can go all day with spending less than £10 then we’ve won.

I have put a £10 guideline purely because there is Car parking charges to think of and possible entrance fees. (This does not include the cost of fuel, living in the middle of nowhere driving is pretty much mandatory.)

Day 1 of our adventures we stayed local and explored Ninesprings woodland park in Yeovil, Somerset. As a child I remember going to Ninesprings regularly whether it was to feed the ducks, play in the park or find the waterfalls!

Lincoln has only been to the play park there before so this time we started at the other end by parking in the Goldenstones swimming pool car park, costing £1.40 for 2 hours. I used Brody’s baby carrier which made things a lot easier without having to navigate the off road stretches with a push chair also allowing me to be hands free.

Ninesprings have several different routes, running, walking, one that leads to a woodland play zone, another that takes you out to the waterfalls and more. During the summer its a really nice shaded walk providing a bit of cool in the summer sun. Although there are some areas where the small ponds are open so for littler children reins or a tight firm grip are advised.

We spent 2 hours here exploring the water falls, playing in the play zone and going on a bear hunt. The woods can really bring a childs imagination to life and we had so much fun as well as getting great easy exercise. There are steep hills and bumpy paths so a watchful eye is best.

Alongside the car park is the Ninesprings cafe which looked lovely. We didn’t go in unfortunately but I have heard great things about the food! This time we also avoided the play park (purely down to time restraints) but you could easily spend the day here with it costing absolute minimum.

The park has lots of benches dotted through out the woods along with picnic benches and lots of flat grassy areas to enjoy your own packed lunch. This is somewhere we will definitely be returning too especially being just a short drive from our house.

Ninesprings have there own facebook page that is regularly updated with different activities happening, Yoga in the park, Buggy runs etc.
Ninesprings Country Park- Facebook Page

A change of shoes for puddle splashing little ones is an absolute must! Lincoln managed to go ass over tit in the stream and unfortunately we didnt have any spare shoes in the car.

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