About me

A bit about me. I was born in 1994, I currently have one young son- Lincoln. I live in A beautiful little village in Somerset with my partner, my son and our family Labrador Bailey.
I currently work part time in our family ran garage doing the accounts and office work alongside raising my little pudding.
There is nothing I love more than spending time with my family and creating lasting memories, we are a very active family who love days out, walking with the pup and nothing more than a good play!

I’m also a very keen baker! I am utterly obsessed with The Great British Bake Off and many other cooking shows especially Jamie Oliver! If you follow my Instagram and Pinterest you will see all the different creations I am doing and recipes that I have tried and what I think of them.
I would love to say I’m really in to fashion and follow all the latest fashion trends, but i would be telling a big fat lie. Don’t get me wrong I have a serious shopping problem! And as Tom will say I have way too many clothes but actually I just buy what I think will look cute or comfy! And the same goes with make-up I have way too much of it and watch way too many videos and how to’s- Be prepared for post’s on both things.
If I’m not out and about doing things or in the kitchen baking, I can garuantee I’ll be snuggled up on the sofa with my comforter catching up on my latest TV series or new films out. Since a girl I have loved a good film, I will watch any type of film! Action, chick flick, Kids, horror you name it I will watch it!

A bit about my Family-
Tommy G, My partner in crime! He is a typical somerset farmer, If he’s not out in his tractor farming the fields he is probably out shooting with the dogs in the countryside. He loves my baking (or at least that’s what he says) and he’s truck Dingo, he is an amazing step father to my son and has taken us both in his stride, no matter how stroppy or difficult we can both be.
Lincoln- My little pudding, A.k.a Damien, Abraham, Mr president, Louey, Linky Lou, Pudding,  Lou Bear. Born in August 2015, As my first child I can safely say he has been so easy and yet so fucking hard. He can be the cutest little bear, and then the worst child ever! He is so mischievous and so cheeky!! His character grows by the day, He absolutely loves animals and dogs are his ultimate favorite animal! You will hear many stories, posts and more about this little devil.
Bailey- Last but not least is our little puppy Bailey we got him In January 2017 at 8 weeks old, He loves pigs ears, Walking, socks and eating! He is such a lap dog and loves nothing more than snuggling up under a blanket! He is in training to become a working dog, going shooting with Tom and down on the farm. Even though he’s a bit of a wuss and is scared of cows.

That’s a bit about me and my family. Now to begin the blogging and telling our stories.