What we’ve been watching

Another month already. November is over? how has this year gone so quickly! This month has been mad! We've been on holiday! We've had so much going on and scarily next month is just going to be busier with Christmas and all the holiday plans. But on the upside it means lots more Family time … Continue reading What we’ve been watching

20 something Mums vs 30 something Mums

After being approached by Steph over at Country Mumma to add my 2 cents in for this amazing post based on the differences in motherhood and adjusting to being a mum at the different stages in our lives. I was the 20 something and the lovely Steph was the 30 something. She has written this fabulously and I have filled in my parts! I have never been so excited to work on a piece of writing. Thank you Steph for coming up with such a great post and for Inviting me a long to be apart of it!


Me, Being Mummy

Country Mumma

We all know becoming a Mum is a completely life changing experience. One minute you’re lovingly touching your fast expanding bump, planning the nursery décor and finalising your list of names. The next, you’re knee deep in dirty nappies, can’t remember the last time you showered and frantically googling ‘why won’t my baby stop crying’.

Of course, as we are all different, every pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood is unique. I first became a Mum at 31. The pregnancy was planned and, for me, this was absolutely the perfect time for my marriage, my family life, my work life and my social life. According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2015 over half of all live births were to women over 30 with the average age of a first time Mum 28.6. Nearly all of my friends were late 20s or early 30s when they became Mum’s but…

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